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O dulcis Jesu

Cantatas and instrumental pieces by Dietrich Buxtehude and his closest colleagues - Johann Adam Reincken, Johan Theile, Franz Tunder and Nicolaus Bruhns - in new arrangements for soprano, two bass viols and continuo. Based partly on the famous portrait of the composers by Johannes Voorhout, where Buxtehude, Reincken and Bruhns or Theile can be seen playing together.

The cantatas of the northern school of the Stylus Phantasticus are juxtaposed with instrumental pieces by their southern colleagues - Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, Franz von Biber and Heinrich Schmelzer - also in new arrangements for two bass viols and continuo.

Buxtehude on the viol, Reincken on harpsichord and Bruhns (or Theile) singing
painted by Johannes Voorhout
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